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      You're lucky making movies is such a pain in the butt - because now you can download the programs themselves! They are designed on and calibrated for a windows-equipped 400mHz cpu, a load of RAM, and a 32MB Geforce2 MX video card. if you've got a computer that's painfully faster or painfully slower than said specs, your results will be similarly painful. so go nuts, play nice, stay frosty, and don't hurt yourself. and don't sell these. and tell me if you like 'em. capishe?

      if you're going to run these (right-click and save first), you need glut32.dll. right click on that, save it, and put it in the same folder you're planning on running these from. if you're feeling gutsy, you can plop it in your windows system folder, it shouldn't do anything too bad. and run them at 1024x768 resolution or greater, or you might miss something. Also, all files are in the neighborhood of 80-90k

don't ask, don't tell -- when things go bad on ben's computer
the original
a little slower
the new edition

blur -- the frontpage graphic, only fuzzier
the original
it burns!
a different take

blanky -- and other drapery goodness
the original
now, with runge-kutta! (a test)
one string
one slippery string

sphere - i mean, cause it's round. duh.
the original
but with a cooler surface
new, every time!

sillystring - not usually a good idea to spray inside your computer
the knotmonster

twistyties - boingy goodness
a squiggling squiggle
a bundle of torque

top secret - not on a webpage yet, but still dang cool
a yarn ball, in 3d!
a thingy, in 3d!!
knots, in 3d!

up top

designed ben gallup
persistently under construction
written in notepad
intended for 1024x768
last updated 8.08.01
pushing the big red button