aesthetics + computation group
mit media lab

      Shrinkwrap is a modified version of blanky - it is wrapped around and mapped onto a cylindrical surface, as opposed to a planar one. in the future, i plan to tweak it in ways similar to blanky - improving the mathematics behind it, using nonlinear springs to achieve a more clothlike effect, adding textures, and connecting the sheet into a solid cylinder.

      Shrinkwrap, much like blanky, can wrap onto any mathematically defined surface - but shrinkwrap is a cylinder, not a plane, and so creates spaces that are inside and out, as opposed to top and bottom (which are essentially the same). one of the main additions i hope to make to shrinkwrap is the ability to view this space from both inside and outside.

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designed ben gallup
persistently under construction
written in notepad
intended for 1024x768
last updated 7.07.01
use as directed