static visual art (1987-1991)

I made these paintings and drawings during high school (1985-89) and my first two years of college (1990-91). The studies span a range of media including charcoal, oil, acrylic, pastel, and pencil. Mouse over the iconic links for information about dates and materials.


digital 1991. almost bodylike. oil 1991. a snowy day in ohio. oil 1991. my studio in ohio.
tempera 1990. ten seconds. tempera 1990. a woman's head. oil 1990. glow from a window.
pastel 1989. shattering. crayon 1989. sasha baked me a bread. pastel 1989. a chiselled navel.
oil 1988. a ball is the center. charcoal 1988. relating to the rectangle. pencil 1987. she sat patiently.