my work at acg includes:

curvesculpt: my first and favorite piece. organic curves that flow through space and time. this page shows images from earlier versions. spring '99

plywood: a message board / group discussion area. winter '00

pixpush: the zombie image editor that can't decide if it wants to live or die. in a state of suspension. summer/fall '99 & spring '00

computational design work outside of acg:

mas.110: this is the final presentation from my group (java applet!) one of the most interesting classes i've taken at mit, taught by the esteemed john maeda. spring '99

shiseido wisteria: grow multicolored wisteria on a cyberpostcard. the result of a very fun, hectic, hot month in japan. august '99

random art/visual things:

on ~2'x3' paper:

comic strip: fairytales@MIT, a weird little strip. mostly fall '99

on alias, a demonic 3d program: this was for 4.206, visualization class. can opener, gerbil room (ha ha) spring '00


more to come later : claymation clip, 4.301 (intro to visual arts) projects, and maybe architecture designs


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