!hello my name is  megan e:megan(at)media.mit.edu
mas863 fall 2001
p: neil gershenfeld
ta: yael maguire
  semester project proposal v.1

e:For my semester project, I am hoping to create a new garment as part of my research with the aesthetics + computation group at the media laboratory. My research is targeted at the integration of fashion design with electronics and computational design concepts, forcing "wearable computing" to press ahead into the larger domain of the high fashion world.

e:As I construct new garments that emphasize this integration, i feel it is important to focus primarily on two key elements: 1. the aesthetics, beauty, and comfort of the clothing, and 2. the use of new materials and technologies that are not traditionally taken into consideration during clothing design.

e:For my semester project, I will be making a bag as part of a series that uses dynamic display devices to engage the wearer in the clothing items, to act as informational tools that subtly assist the wearer throughout a day, and to provide new, beautiful, and dynamic elements to ordinary clothing items.

e:I hope to use the machining, molding, and material coatings to construct the shape and chambers of the bag, then apply the electronic circuitry lessons to make the dynamic display of the bag work.

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