!hello my name is  megan e:megan(at)media.mit.edu
mas863 fall 2001
p: neil gershenfeld
ta: yael maguire

  mold an appendage for your body using polyethelene or silicon rubbers



i am building a horn for my head, that sits on top of my nose and stretches up over my forehead like a mohawk.

to do this, first i scanned my nose using the 3d scanner in the shop. using the surface rendering of my nose that this generated, i created a model of my horn in rhino.

at this point, i could have printed a negative mold using the 3d printer, but i knew this would take a while, so i opted to slice the rendering into planes, cut them on the laser cutter, and assemble the negative mold by hand.

this is a picture of the portion of my horn where my nose fits in. you can see the different layers of the laser cut acrylic, as well as the angular shape generated by the 3d scan.

once my case was constructed, i poured my mold using polyethelyne rubber (74-44).

the mystery is that i poured my mold on friday afternoon and by class on monday it hadn't hardened yet. it could be that the rubber isn't getting enough air because of my tightly screwed plates of acrylic. or perhaps i didn't mix the right amount of hardener into the rubber, because the scale downstairs was acting strangely. i'm not sure.

so right now my horn helmut is baking in a toaster oven. i'll let you know if it ever works out.

hum dee dum.