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I have published award-winning research in the field of cloth dynamics modeling for CG applications, a long-standing problem in computer graphics[5]. I developed a new algorithm for solving Lagrange multiplier dynamic constraints simulation problems which improves the order of the general-case solution for complex cyclic constraint systems from O(n3) to O(n3/2)[1]. I created a modeling language (an open stochastic L-system) to describe the growth and development of neurons within the human brain[4,6], and recently developed new techniques for interactive genetic programming applied to the problem of evolving procedural image filters[2]. I participated in the ``Babbage'' physics and computation student seminar at the Media Lab, and developed an algorithm for shifting information into and out of a cellular automata quantum computer, an open research question in the field of bulk spin-resonance quantum computing. I developed a spatial multiplexing optical encoding algorithm for the Media Lab ``Wind-up Browsers'' seminar, allowing thousands of pages of text and figures to be encoded on a sheet of micro-fiche and optically reconstructed on an inexpensive, thin, flat optical browser[3].

Richard W. DeVaul