Textris applet -- a multi-player game


The Textris applet is the solution to the final assignment of MAS-962 and the most sophisticated Java applet I wrote for the class. It is actually a network client for a simple text broadcast network set up for the class. The assignment was to create a client which would broadcast text as the user typed (one word at a time) and do something interesting with the text received from the network.

This solution is a game loosely based on the classic Tetris. Words you type appear on the screen at the location of the red cursor (controlled by the mouse) and move horizontally. Text received from the network appears at the top of the screen and moves vertically downward. If the word you type intersects with incoming text on the same letter "Scrabble-wise" you stop the text from falling and get points based on the length of the incoming word. If you don't catch a word before it reaches the bottom, it stacks up horizontally. When the stack of words reaches the top, the game is over.

One of the best ways to play Textris is to run two Textris clients simultaneously on different machines and play with a friend. Have fun!

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