Affricate applet


The Affricate applet combines the GridAreaAffricate class (which is derived from GridAreaTwo and GridArea), the LexerTwo Lexer class, and the MyFont custom font class to create a consonantal occurrence visualizer and simple text-to-speech system.

Any text desired can be entered into the text area. If the "use color" box is checked, consonants are color-coded using a cellular automata system. The frequency with which the CA update rule is applied is controlled by the slider on the right.

When the "Speak to me, Baby." button is pressed, the applet goes through the text speaking any words (or word parts) it knows, and sounding the rest out letter by letter.


Type text in the black text area. Drag the slider up and down to change the frequency of the C.A. update. Click on the check box to turn color coding on and off. Click on the button to speak the text.