RSVP applet


The RSVP applet uses an instance of the GridAreaRSVP class, the LexerTwo class, the custom font class MyFont, and the sound capabilities of the Java class libraries to provide a multi-modal text presentation system.

Any text desired can be entered into the text area. If the "use color" box is checked, consonants are color-coded using a cellular automata system. The classification of all text on the screen is updated each key press. When the "Speak to Me" button is pressed, the applet goes through the text speaking any words (or word parts) it knows, and sounding the rest out letter by letter. The "RSVP" button causes the text to displayed using a rapid serial visual presentation technique. The slider on the right side of the applet controls the duration a single word is present. Commas in the text produce short pauses, periods and other sentence-ending punctuation longer ones. The total duration of the RSVP (in seconds) is shown in the upper left hand corner of the applet display area.


Enter any text desired, and press the "RSVP" or "Speak to Me" buttons. The "Use Color" check-box toggles color coding. The slider controls the per-word duration of the RSVP presentation. The "Clear Text" button clears the text area.