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A Complete System

Originally, we were thinking about this project as a component in a complete system for secure wireless digital communication. A complete system based on LFSR spread spectrum and strong encryption would require the following additional elements:

A phase-locked loop or some other technique to make sure the transmitting and receiving shift registers stay in sync.

Error-correction encoding combined with some kind of low-level packet scheme.

A microprocessor or Microcontroler implementing a strong encryption algorithm for both sender and receiver.

A modulation scheme for transmitting the spread digital data in RF.

We made some headway on the first problem, and spent some time talking about the others. The hardest of these is probably designing the error-correcting encoding scheme in such a way that it could be implemented in hardware to support high data rates, and the RF design (if we were to do that part ourselves). The encryption front-and-back end is mostly a software problem, and the rest is digital interfacing.