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installing python and the python image library (windows)

the instructions below are for installing python and PIL on windows.  if you are looking to install these components on a mac, check out max's installation guide here.

setting up python itself is straightforward.

1. download the latest python for windows (Python-2.2.2.exe) from
2. run the executable - this will install python into c:\python by default.

setting up PIL can be a bit trickier.

1. download the PIL windows binary (PIL-1.1.3.win32-py2.1.exe) from
2. run the binary - if it decides to be difficult, then go on to the next step. otherwise, go to step 7.
3. unzip the binary.
4. move the PIL.pth file and the PIL directory into c:\python.
5. download the python DLLs from here.
6. unzip the DLL files to c:\python\DLLs.
7. open the python command prompt by going to start->programs->python->python (command line)
8. test if PIL is correctly installed by entering the following at the command line:

        import Image
        im ="Images/lena.gif")
        print im.format, im.size, im.mode

if the print line returns "GIF (128,128) P" in the
command window and you see the image to the
right pop up, then you're golden. (the picture
comes with PIL.)

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