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The two demonstrations above show a user constructing simple dynamic scenes. In the scene on top, he is making an image that resizes with points placed at its corners and rotates by an angle equal to the distance between two points.

In the movie below a user is simply making a bit of text that reads "size," whose size is dependent on the distance between two points.

These kinds of parametric relationships are easy to establish and modify in Moment because they are represented clearly in a directed data-flow graph that is built and modified along with the scene (the window on the right side in each of these movies).




Demos of functionality of early system, RunningThings.

Top: A demonstration of Napoleon's theorem—the centroids of equilateral trianges drawn off the sides of any triangle form an equilateral triangle.

Bottom: Dynamic scene creation in RunningThings

In RunningThings, written in Java, object relationships can be established and edited using the Python language.