We express our personalities to the world through the clothes
and accessories we wear. Different people have different looks
and styles. We all "gamble" our personas as we experiment with
our appearances to produce a unique vibe that correctly describes


A human shaped slot machine represents the idea of "gambling
personas." A slot machine game can be played to win different
accessories to place on the human puppet that symbolizes the
user. The user must gamble to win the accessories that describe
him or her. What is your persona and are you willing to gamble
for it?
The software for the system was created in NYLON.
Different states are created from the combination
of buttons. A random number generator is used to
keep the game fresh.
The hardware for the system consists of a 8 LED's and
and a Hotpants display. The NYLON system is used
to drive the display and process the inputs to the system.
The exterior is created using cardboard and felt to attach
different felt accessories.
Putting the hardware and software together creates the
overall system. A unique slot machine in the shape of
a human being becons users to "Gamble their personas."
One can win different accessories to put on the humanoid
to give it character. Different people have different
appeals and personalities, therefore, the look of the
humanoid depends on the person playing the game.