acoustic action & reaction
  mimi liu
exhibition project
mas.110 : fundamentals of computational media design


er? oh! heh hmm ahh
c lub Riot brings an interactive clubbing experience to your desk. it's for people who love to dance, but don't have the time.

you literally have the whole club at your feet. club riot uses your subconcious reaction to music - the tapping of your feet as you dance in your seat - to control the flow of music and the lighting of the dance floor. dj with your left foot, light the club with your right. the entire club atmosphere is tailored to your moves.

  Club Riot was implemented using a NYLON board, pressure sensors, numerous toggle switches, LEDs, and a hacked CD player. the music that plays is read off the CD spinning on top of the club. as you move with the music, you trigger various switches and sensors in the foot pedals, turning on different combinations of lights in the club. the music, too, is responsive to your movements. motion triggered devices interrupt the signal from the CD player to the speakers, so you can in effect mix the music.

so if you're too busy, too old, or just too lazy to go out, Club Riot helps keep the clubber inside alive!

  club riot ft gorillaz   zoom

  part of the spring 2002 mas.110 exhibition - "98% nylon : machines : watch with care" (5.13.02)


movie clip:
Club Riot
in action.
mas.110 s02
professor john maeda
ta's m.galbraith s.greenwold j.manor