The Project aims at illustrating how physical objects can relate in their physical shape. Identical dimensioned objects whose shape suggests their relation allow different ways of interaction. One object expands in length whereas the other rotates around its joints. The two different kinds of movements are related to each other through the use of sensors and servos and a basic stamp. The sliding motion of one object is mapped to the rotation of the other. The objects therefore relate through their physical shape and through their synchronized translation and rotation. Often the shape of objects is controlled either directly on the object itself or through a remote interface.

This installation tries to suggest the creation of objects in communication where the manipulation of one object causes the reconfiguration of another. This principle could be employed with furniture or interiors or on a larger scale for kinetic architecture application where the adjustment of for example a seat might cause a table to follow in its height. The forms chosen try to suggest the object's capability to either extend or to rotate through the exaggerated.

It is an abstract installation more then an application. Ideally the interaction would be possible both ways so that each object can be manipulated and can move on its own. The current implementation allows only the manipulation of one the objects.