The MIT Media Laboratory is honored to announce this year's
Misawa Lecture by Paul Rand

Bartos Theatre, November 14, 1996
10am to 11:30am

Please join us as we welcome the canonical figure of American graphic design.

"Paul Rand's stature as one of the world's leading graphic designers is incontestable. For half a century his pioneering work in the field of advertising design and typography has exerted a profound influence on the design profession; he almost single-handedly transformed "commercial art" from a practice that catered to the lowest common denominator of taste to one that could a ssert its place among the other fine arts. Among the numerous clients for whom he has been a consultant and/or designer are the American Broadcasting Company, IBM Corporation, and Westinghouse Electric Corporation." From the cover of Design, Art, and Chaos (Yale University Press) by Paul Rand.

IDEA Magazine interview