The work on this site dates from 1996-1998 and is no longer updated.
Current information can be found at my new site.

MIT Media Lab

Aesthetics and Computation Group

old research page

Projects and coursework...

kineText: My research while with acg.

Visual Organization and Relevancy Ranking: Work done with Matt Grenby, Phillip Tiongson, and Arjan Schutte for a Chicago Tribune experiment. It's in Java and best viewed with Internet Explorer.

Tapper: The Atari game rewritten in Java. Best played in Internet Explorer and with another person to shoot patrons over the net to you.

Principles of Visual Interface Design: Online MAS964 assignments. Java stuff.

Digital Typography: Online MAS962 assignments. Java stuff.

On Growth and Form 2.0: Online GSD7303 projects. Forms generated by parametric equations.

Not for general consumption...

What's in a name?: the whys and hows behind "Chloe."

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