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      HELLO!  I am Patrick Menard, currently a senior at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology majoring in Computer Science (course 6.3).  It has been (and still is) quite a journey and challenging beyond my imagination.  However, staying the course breeds success.

       Otherwise known as the Aesthetics + Computation Group, this MIT Media Laboratory crazy house is my new abode.  I am currently working here as a UROP (Undergradaute Research Opportunities Program) for Professor John Maeda.  Professor Maeda has this dream of an online design studio that will house designers the world over, a sort of place for the imagination to explode and people of vast diversity to just chill.  I am here to partner in this endeavor to create something intense and totally new. Check out my piece of this pie by visiting the projects link below.
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The Textscape
     Imagine a space where there exists items of your very own creation.  Now imagine a space where you could interact with items created in that very same space but by whole other entities... human like yourself yet diverse the world over. This is The Textscape, a space where your imagination takes over and a world is shaped and born.  You create the rooms and any myriad of destinations limited only by the depths of your imagination and the many others living in this space.
     The fundamental question remains:  How does one create a story within a neverending space?  The Textscape aims to provide the answer while at the same time immersing its inhabitants into an interactive experience.  Feel free to visit this work in progress.
     Following are links to my resume, one in pdf format and the other in html:
resume (pdf)
resume (html)

"Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker."
            - Willy Wonka

"Hate stirs up dissention but love covers over all wrongs."
            - Proverbs
Personal Site
     Here you will find more about me.  Mind you, it is in great need of massive update. Here is a little tidbit to sate any other curiosity that you might have:
     My activites here at MIT are wide and varied.   Besides the UROP, among them include the areas of physical training, administration, social interaction, and more.  I participate in and lead the following two organizations: American Jiu Jitsu Club (AJJ) and Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship (XA).  I am also a brother of the Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity (DKE) where there is never an end to interesting things occuring.  In fact, one might find me prowling the halls and jumping an unsuspecting victim, putting them in some favored Jiu Jitsu death lock...  I also love to dance whenever I get a chance.  Whether it is Salsa (the best dance in the world), Breakin', or Hip Hop, if there's music, I'm down. Writing and drawing are also things I enjoy.  Most of these works reside at my personal website.

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