STOP! don't read this yet, i was missing a page of the manuscript and still have to find it!


A gypsy girl once gave her heart away to a prince, thinking to make a fine trade for his. But the prince, being a little absentminded, only put it in his pocket and went on his way. Seeing she had got the short end of the bargain, the girl ran after the prince to steal her heart back. As she was slipping it into her pouch, though, someone bumped her from behind and her heart fell to the ground. Before she could pick it up again, another prince found it and put it in his pocket. Once again the gypsy girl pursued the would-be thief, but the crowd in the marketplace slowed her down. Threading her way through the noisy throng, she finally spied the prince at a sticky-bun stand and demanded that her relinquish her property. The prince, sticky-bun in hand, explained that he was no criminal, and that of course he would return the alleged item. Being a good-natured fellow, he even offered her half of his sticky-bun, which she munched appreciatively as he fished her heart out of his pocket. But when she reached to take her heart from the prince's hand, it wouldn't budge.

"Let go!" she demanded, pulling harder.

"I am!" the prince replied, pulling his hand back, "You let go!"

Oh horrors! The sticky-bun baker had done his job too well! The gypsy girl's hand was now stuck to her heart, which was stuck to the prince's hand! Even after much wild tugging, the two hapless sticky-bun victims were still attached. Finally, in despair, the prince drew his sword.

"It's no use!" he yelled, "We have to cut it in half or we'll be stuck like this forever!"

The gypsy girl was aghast."You wouldn't dare!"

"I would! I will!"

Just as he started to bring the sword down, the gypsy girl glimpsed something in his picket, grabbed frantically, and pulled it out. It was his heart!

"Stop!" she cried, "If you do it, I'll throw your heart into that busy road!"

The price was aghast. "You wouldn't dare!"

"I would! I will!"

And seeing that the prince was inching the blade closer to her heart, she flung his heart into the road, just as a huge painted wagon was speeding towards them.

"Noooo!" screamed the stricken prince, as he dove to save his heart.

But the gypsy girl's hand was still stuck to his, and she was pulled along into the street as well. They collided and tumbled into the path of the wagon, where they could only tremble helplessly and watch in terror as it sped closer and closer. The gypsy girl was knocked unconscious. The prince fainted. ..... [missing page] ....