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ben fry

This is an archive of work developed while at the MIT Media Laboratory pursuing my doctoral degree.

I completed my Ph.D. in June 2004 with my dissertation titled Computational Information Design

A short biography

genomic cartography

genome valence

the genetic code

haplotype structure

single chromosome

entire genome

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organic information design



master's thesis
sketches & projects

> deconstructulator

> dismap

> mariosoup

> revisionist

> tendril

> paper airplane

> zipdecode

> iraqi casualties

> freedom for security

> typography book

> shop activity

> video experiments

> atmosphere video

> clustering visualization

> fluid mixing

> directional paint

> print studies

> generating postscript

> amplifying background

> color spinner

> natural/unnatural

> colloquium posters


1. a web site   2. a programming environment for learning computational design.   3. a sketchbook for rapidly protoyping the type of work you see here   4. a new 2D and 3D graphics api and rendering engine for java   5. an open project started by casey reas and myself   6. an active community of a few thousand people who are using the software.

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