floccular portraits
golan levin / acg / february 1999

I was wrapping up my work on the Flocculus, an interactive drawing environment, and was inspired to revisit some of the themes I explored in John Maeda's Numeric Photography class last autumn. In the images below, I procedurally coalesced my scribbles into portraits of my colleagues. The result is a wispy, organic and sometimes unsettling transformation.
RWD [1] RWD, 768x768 / 153k.
Larger version (1024x1024, 571k)
BJF [2] BJF, 576x576 / 124k.
Larger version (900x900, 387k)
PY [3] PY, 512x512 / 109k.
Larger version (1024x1024, 368k)
PY [4] JB, 450x450 / 155k.
Larger version (900x900, 569k)