Golan Levin Publications
    thesis     Levin, G., "Painterly Interfaces for Audiovisual Performance." Master's thesis, MIT Media Laboratory, August 2000.
    dynamic abstraction     Snibbe, S. and Levin, G., "Interactive Dynamic Abstraction." Proceedings of the Symposium on Nonphotorealistic Animation and Rendering, June 2000.
    tagged handles     Maclean, K., Snibbe, S. and Levin, G. "Tagged Handles: Merging Discrete and Continuous Control." Proceedings of ACM SIGCHI 2000, April 2000.
    shakepad     Levin, G. and Yarin, P. "Bringing Sketching Tools to Keychain Computers with an Acceleration-Based Interface." Proceedings of ACM SIGCHI '99, May 1999.