Hello and welcome to my web page. Please make yourself at home.

My name is Jared Schiffman. I am a second-year graduate student in the Aesthetics & Computation Group, lead by the fearless Professor John Maeda, at the MIT Media Laboratory.

The goal of my research is to utilize the computer to design new types of form, language, and learning environments.

I have now completed my thesis which is entitled: Aesthetics of Computation--Unveiling the Visual Machine.

To find out more about me personally, please click here. If you are looking for ClayScape3D, please go to www.jarfish.com. Feel free to e-mail me at jarfish@mit.edu.

Thanks for visiting my web page. I hope you found what you were looking for.

Honey is a visual experiment involving amorphous cell-like shapes.
Scratch is a study in motion, form and interaction created for the ACG's Organic Information exhibit.
Sewn is an interactive program which involves the recursive division of two-dimensional space.
Spacenet is an interactive visualization of relational networks.
Balance is an experiment in creating self-balancing forms.
This triptych thank you card was created for a supporter of the ACG.

photo © Webb Chappell
Turing is an interactive, visual implementation of AlanTuring's famous machine.
Plate is a runtime environment for code construction, interpretation, and evaluation.
Mobile is an implementation of the Conditional Change Feedback model of computation.
Reverie is a micro-computational machine, which runs a thirty-two line program.
Jaredit is a functional text and code editing program for the acwin environment.
Growgram is a 3Dl sculptural sketching system for laying out the paths of a program.
Nemulator is a neuron-growth simulation system for learning about learning.
Mathplate lets students play with equations with the goal of gaining an intuitive sense of algebra.
Pert is a simple programming environment for use in computational design courses.
Petri is a simulation that allows students to experiment with the interaction of species in an ecosystem.