Jaredit is a fully functional OpenGL-based code and text editing program. The goal in developing Jaredit was to create a simple utilitarian base upon which more experimental text editing projects could be built and tested. The standard version of Jaredit already has some nonstandard features such as continuous text-zoom, unlimited undo, and point-to-point, connected parentheses-matching. The background of the Jaredit program is in fact translucent so that multiple editors may be stacked without completely obscuring the back layers. Jaredit uses both ACG-developed vector fonts and bitmap (texture) fonts. The program is scriptable using Python and connectors to the Jaredit internals. Jaredit is the main text editor in the acwin enwironment, and will be used also in the CodeFocus environment.
Jaredit is a project by Jared Schiffman of the Aesthetics & Computation Group at the MIT Media Lab.