This work-in-progress is a planned, living interactive diagram of midi musical structure. Each of the three groups of colored strips to the left represents a single musical instrument. The strips themselves represent individual notes emanating from the given instrument. When the system is live, the musical strips move in the direction specified by the tag "sound movement". In this way, one can quickly get a feel for the music being played by an entire band of musicians in an instant. In addition, by manipulating the visual diagram of given musical notes, one can affect its audio output as well.







This view of the MidiVis visual interface shows a perspective rendering of the sound notes passing through a window representing the current moment in time; in other words, the current sound one hears.



Dynamic Filters: By specifying regions in space, one can affect both the visual and auditory output. Here we see a filter which causes a certain group of sound streams to be pulled together. This would cause the pitch and amplitude of each stream, as well as the amount it is heard in the overall mix, to be affected according to this new representation.