I built a gestural VJ controller for my final project in Joe Paradiso's Music Class last term. These are the gloves I would wear when performing. I sat or stood in front of a camera and moved my gloved hands around to control parameters of the video and/or audio. The software would look for the two areas of maximum movement in its field of view and assume they were the performer's hands.

I drew a checkered pattern on the gloves because it amplifies the movement of the performer's hands as seen by my software. For a uniformly colored object like a car or a hand, a computer tends to see only its edges moving. By making an object visually busy, it's motion will register much better than its surroundings. Below are movies of the hand tracker software, me using the system, and a simple crossfader.

hand tracker .mov

usage .mov

output .mov

a slightly more detailed paper on the project.