The delivery of a complete video package for live broadcast or public display takes quite a few individuals to run smoothly. There are cameramen filming, technicians editing and fading clips, and still others controlling segue animations and copy. My goal with the Key Grip system is to collapse the process, equipment, and software into a sleek enough package to allow for a 'one man show' to cover a live event on video.
The bar has been set astronomically high for visual effects and production quality in the film and television industries. Millions of dollars and man-hours can be transformed into brilliantly exploding spacecraft and wisecracking house pets on screen. So how can a single person hope to compete with such a force? By editing and creating all their effects in realtime, one can bring the the magic of the big screen into the context of the viewer and engage him in a way that has not been possible since the dawn of cinema and TV.
The approach I have taken fuses a custom built camera and imaging software written in C++ with OpenGL. An old Canon 8mm body houses an inexpensive digital CMOS camera and a series of control knobs and switches. A suite of different editing techniques and special effects can be accessed via these controls. Past footage can be manipulated and parameters of the effects can be adjusted in realtime by the same person who is 'filming'. The next step is to go wireless and untether the system from the CPU.