xtrusions in space

Given two images, one fed into each eye, our mind creates an accurate map of the world around us, the objects it contains, and their spatial relationships. Computers aren't nearly as capable. Adding a camera does not let it see. It has little insight into what information it gathers and is similarly blind to the images that it creates.

stripe-o-vision screenshot

 interaction quicktime - 3MB

I have done a series of studies aimed at bringing out information that has been lost in the digitization of the visual world. Real time video is extruded into three dimensions to reintroduce depth and volume to a scene. The camera and projection screen are housed in a tube-like structure.

circle version - 4MB qt

dots screenshot

The goal is to design a coherent visual grammar for the machines that surround us. If they can learn to see then it would also be possible to teach them to display and organize visual information in a meaningful way.

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