a computer rendered sketch   

this conceptual bag is an exploration of form and space in relation to the body, to the materials a person carries with them, and to the machines needed to power and run interactive hardware and computational systems, systems i am working to develop throughout my graduate research.

belly was constructed by carving out spaces for the three items mentioned above (the body, personal belongings, and hardware) and arranging them within the confines of one backpack/sack. the form of the bag emerged from these spaces.

space 1: the body
motivation: having bags that fit the shape of your back and behind without rubbing or placing undue stress on any body part

space 2: personal belongings
motivation: having two main compartments, the larger one to place papers and bulky objects, the smaller one to place delicate items, keys, coins, etc. neither of which interfere with the electronics of the bag.

space 3: hardware
motivation: having the electrical components insulated from the belongings and the body, yet integrated into the form of the bag and the workings of the display surface in an elegant and non-obtrusive way.