elroy is an illuminating dress that encodes time information. the panels periodically reaarrange their illuminated pattern to express time to the wearer.

it is through series of flashes and varieties of patterns that elroy can express encoded information in a manner discernible to the wearer of the garment but indiscernible to external viewers. the dress and its wearer become engaged in an informative and personal relationhip. the wearer can decode needed information from the dress, thus relying on the dress as a means of assistance, as a personal information tool, even as a companion.

others, however, do not share this same relationship because they are oblivious to the personal information expressed by the dress to its wearer. outside viewers engage in a visual relationship with the dress as they become entertained by elroy's illuminating and dynamic patterns, but the relationship is purely superficial.


a movie! fun!
   requires quicktime 4.0
   6.2 MB



elroy is constructed out of a panasonic EL element, a rabbit2000 microprocessor, polyester fabric, and one of nik's prototype boards for specter. elroy was made by megan galbraith.

copyright 2001