fuzzy logic control for embeddable devices
a masters thesis project
megan galbraith 2003
components description
more to come.. web server

the brain of the programming suite. users access the site to program their device. compilation and code development is done through a webpage and processed server side. code is uploaded to devices over tcp/ip connections.

rabbit semiconductors makes microcontrollers with tcp/ip capabilities for fairly cheap. development of this project will be done using a wildcat (rabbit's bl2000). i would like to utilize PIC chips if time permits.
fuzzy control algorithms

fuzzy logic reasoning will dictate how the devices are controlled and operated internally, as well as how programmers interact with the devices and develop their programs.
hardware modules

gotta have stuff to plug into the devices! this will include input modules and output modules, primarily analog.. fun stuff aimed at integration in clothing/garments. mostly to remove the hairy process of building the interface hardware, also to standardize the project.