this is the begining of a pair of pants
where you are the center of their universe
  goal: to build a dynamic garment that has motion

original idea: to build pants that are the home of a little creature which swings from beam and orbits your leg. when people approach you, the creature will either run away and hide behind your legs or come out to play, depending on how it's feeling

current state: soft shapes dance on the leg. i was unable to implement the little creature however the idea of the pants has been realzied. i will postpone working on these any more in the interest of starting a new project.. but take a look at the movies! september 01 2002

last state: the motors, sensor, and control structure is in place. i need to build the orbiting framework and the creature. july 03 2002

  movie one (0.4 MB)
movie two (1.3 MB)
the pants are powered by a circuit that i built using a PIC16F84, two feather-servo motors, and an SRF04 module.