TreeType is an exploration beyond traditional linear metaphors of text typing interface. It allows one to easily create branches of words. With this experimental editing environment, typing out one sentence in all of its possible forms is easily visualized and creates new, sometimes illegible, yet interesting forms. Imagine what kind of new poetry and prose which can be written in this format.

Navigation is all done with the arrow keys. Pressing enter switches between an overall view and a zoomed in, upright view of the cursor's general location. Left and right move forward and backward as in a traditional text editor. If there is more than one character ahead while moving forward, a character is chosen at random. Up and down traverse sibling characters. Backspace deletes one letter at a time as in a traditional editor. If you delete a character which leads to several sibling characters, those siblings will connect themselves to the deleted character's parent character, as in a traditional text editor, only with several next letters.

larger screen shot

QuickTime(900K) Note: motion is smoother than shown.