This model took the same approach as Montage(t) of re-spatialiazing a monatage. However the video footage was the equivalent of a “pan” that began at the plant and ended at the faucet, but that refused to engage the action. This made the action aberrant and resulted in creating a unique path through the event which privileged the location as opposed to the mobile actions within the event space. Similar to Montage(t) the montage was converted to 190 individual frames that were mapped onto their respective screens. However, interaction with the model wasn’t left to the user but instead a particular trajectory, similar to that taken by the camera, was enacted. The view begins at the plant and then steadily moves through the space in a straight line until it reaches the farthest screen. This animated travelling shot through a spatialized montage is a folding of methods over methods. The original montage is a result of camera methods and editing. The spatializing of the montage is a result of computation, while the animated traveling shot is a camera technique enacted by a virtual camera in a virtual space.