> peter cho > portfolio

type me, type me not
ID Magazine award-winning
experiments in computational

numerical photography
projects exploring
and interaction

signs & symbols
an expressive typography book
based on a short story
by Vladimir Nabokov

letter dance
an interactive, expressive
experiment with letterforms

rescue ascending device
a portable rope climbing device
for confined space rescue

lsc classics
two posters for the
mit lecture series committee
classic film series

guest house
a writer's guest house
situated on the water

contents under pressure
album design for the
chorallaries of mit, an a cappella
singing group

walk through the 20th century
a timeline interface prototype
to give contextual information
about jerome b. wiesner

visual interface design
weekly projects from this course
exploring concepts of interactive
visual form design

casa rotonda
renderings showing different
geometric representations
of mario botta's casa rotonda