Hotpants is a 10 X 14 led array display device for the Nylon system. It is capable of rendering graphics commands sent to it by the Nylon base unit. Hotpants is powered by a PIC microcontroller, making it capable of considerable onboard processing.

The Nylon language contains several commands for drawing to graphics devices like Hotpants.

Hotpants is the first in what will be a series of devices that interface to the Nylon system. All plans, diagrams, and parts will be made public so that Nylon can become an open platform for integrating I/O devices. We will make an effort to avoid surface mount components wherever possible to make our designs buildable by hobbyists with limited technical resources.

Technical information.



The Hotpants board is 2.5" X 2.5". It contains one PIC microncontroller, four 8-bit shift registers, and two current drivers.

The Hotpants circuit was designed in the PCB Express software package, and sent out for production. Green traces are on the back of the board, and red are on the top. Yellow items are silk screened on the top side. (The board is reversed to make the text legible.)