Moment is a pure parametric design two-dimensional design environment. It implements a visual data-flow language for the prototyping of dynamic graphics.

The process of designing in Moment is essentially one of connecting terminals with wires, spinning them together when necessary. The impetus for the project came from a series of interactive structural analysis teaching demos that I needed a tool to create.

Moment is the last incarnation of a project that has had many aliases and iterations, first as a series of two constraint-based languages called RunningThings and Paragon, next as a visual data-flow language, Paramour, and now finally, revised, retooled, and expanded as Moment.

The first public release of Moment is ready for consumption at the References/Download page.





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  A scene under construction in Moment. On the left is the dynamic graphic. On the right is the graph describing all of the relationships in the scene.