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  The Introspection Machine consists of three or more physically similar modules, each consisting of a monitor, camera, "eyestalk", and computer. Each camera is mounted at the end of an "eyestalk" which runs the video data into a video capture card installed in a computer. The software running on each machine uses the continuously refreshed video information to update its visual form which is then displayed on the monitor. Each monitor is embedded in a twenty-four inch plastic sphere and the computers are housed under a nearby bench. The video input into the system can be changed dramatically by moving the "eyestalks" to capture moving images.


This initial sketch shows each monitor embedded in a plastic sphere, as well as the computers located to the right of the installation.


Structures were designed for holding the monitors stable inside the plastic spheres.


CMOS board cameras are used in conjuction with a video capture board to generate the video input.


For transportation, the "eyestalks" disconnect from their base, monitor supports are dismantled, and the plastic shells are stacked for shipping.


The Introspection Machine is copyright 1999-2000, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. IM was developed by the Aesthetics and Computation Group at the MIT Media Laboratory.