Nsider history

The nsider was conceptually born in the summer of 1999 in conversations with ACG head John Maeda and Tom White. Tom researched the various enabling technologies that could be used to construct the display, but it was not until September that he acquired a set of materials to build the system and began construction. Jared Schiffman and Casey Reas joined the effort of building the first application of the nsider, which was an information display discussing various media lab projects. Together Casey, Jared, and Tom developed this application and along with it the founding ideas on multiple perspective display spaces on which the later work was based.

In January of 2000 new experiments began with new applications for the display, including both more literal and more abstract presentations. Through these programs and discussions the potential of the display was better understood. It was also at this time that the project was given the name "nsider", a reference to the potential of displaying slices of information across a display with N sides.

Close up of textual information space developed by Reas, Schiffman, and White

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