Treehouse Studio

Established in 2003 as a research project to introduce children and adults to the ideas of digital arts and design through a series of tools, exercises, and online activities.

Currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION like all things on the Web.

The general Treehouse Architecture will allow:

• Network-based file management
• Extensibility of Tools/Customizability of features
• Ability to disable tools/create constraints for better pedagogy
• Open source/Simple code policy
• Community-oriented sharing in Galleries
• Enable the creation of an entire Online School

Here you see a set of early prototypes for the kind of apps that would live on the Treehouse created courtesy of members of the MIT Media Lab Aesthetics + Computation Group. DISCLAIMER: These are simple sketches and not representative of final directions.

Maxwell Planck

Benjamin Fry

Justin Manor



Simon Greenwold

Megan Galbraith

Tom White

James Seo

EARLY PROTOTYPE: TreehousePaint Reconstructable

Copyright 2003, Massachusetts Institute of Technology