mas110 exhibition .fundamentals of computational media design.spring 2000.professor john maeda
megan's dynamic pieces

megan's static pieces


Problem Set 2
-- Towards Literacy

2A Using the dot drawing technique described in Chapter 8 of the DBN book, manually position *exactly* 50 dots on your page that look as though they are randomly placed, but still form a cohesive recognizable image that is non-typographic and non-symbolic.

Problem Set 4
-- Surrealism, Contrast and Welding

4A Read RK pp. 105 to 146. Reinterpret one of your previous pieces as a surrealist image. Include the name of the previous assignment in your comments.

the morning after

blackened or grilled?

Problem Set 4-- Surrealism, Contrast and Welding

4B Read DD pp. 67 to 103. Create a dynamic composition of two contrasting elements (i.e. color, shape quality, movement, etc.) Use comments to explain what you're contrasting.

Problem Set 2 -- Towards Literacy

2C In Passages in Modern Sculpture (RK) read pp. 0-67. Using DBN, create an image in the cubist spirit of "The Guitar" (p. 51). You should use at least 5 'command' definitions.

feminine mystique


Problem Set 7 -- Color of Black

7B Create a generally smooth gradation of white to black, from left to right using only a 100 percent black pen.

Problem Set 3 -- Visual Control

3A Visualize a geometric progression (GP) of your choice in a concrete manner that emphasizes the wide range of scales inherent to a GP. This is a simple exercise in Cartesian geometry that can look as mathy as you like, or not.

dna sequencing

sunny side up

Problem Set 3 -- Visual Control

3C Read RK pp. 67 to 102. Evoke the image of an 'egg' shape: smooth, round, yet not entirely symmetrical, using all the DBN knowledge you might have at your disposal. Think closely about how the surface of the egg should be textured and decorated. Establish a clear underlying concept of computation, which will be demonstrated by your cleanliness of code.

Problem Set 9 -- Bigger is Better?

9A Your display is now 200 by 200. Emphasize the difference between your early 100 by 100 display area and the now larger 200 by 200 display area with a statically motivated graphic.

birthday suit