Maggie's Work

i've also made several movies of my work.
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Fading Music, 1F
Represent yourself as a dbnlet
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Eye, 2A
Using the dot drawing technique described in Chapter 8 of the DBN book, manually position*exactly* 50 dots on your page that look as though they are randomly placed, but still form a cohesive recognizable image that is non-typographic and non-symbolic.
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Geometric Fish, 3a
Visualize a geometric progression (GP) of your choice in a concrete manner that emphasizes the wide range of scales inherent to a GP. This is a simple exercise in Cartesian geometry that can look as mathy as you like, or not.
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Butterfly, 5a
Using real sinusoidals, generate a shape with primarily convex properties.
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Are they parallel? 2b
In Primer of Visual Literacy (DD) read pp. 0-37. Using DBN, create a perceptualglitch, i.e. a visual illusion. Your illusion should be constructed by reusing at least 1 similar part via use of the 'command' command in Chapter 12 of the DBN book.
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Shading, 7b
Create a generally smooth gradation of white to black, from left to right using only a 100 percent black pen
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So Many Kinds of Deodorant, 8b
Choose 1 of your 10 keyverbs/keyadjectives from class and represent it as a single interactive piece with no typography. No static representations allowed. Many in class used nouns -- no nouns allowed. Be sure to leave the keyverb/keyadjective as a comment at the top of your code.
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Loch Ness? 9a
Your display is now 200 by 200. Emphasize the difference between your early 100 by 100 display area and the now larger 200 by 200 display area with a statically motivated graphic.
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