designing the space

this was a continuous process cuz i kept changing my mind on how i wanted everything to be laid out, but sometime along the way i came up with a floorplan that i pretty much stuck to for the rest of the process

designing the look

this was my favorite part of the construction process, just cuz its pretty non-technical and i knew what i was doing.

implementing the hardware

my electronic hardware basically consists of Hotpants and a lot of LED's. there are also a couple of user input devices, which are the potentiometer that i used as a doorknob, and these buttons that weren't camoflauged really well. what do these things do? see the specs page.

making it work (software)

this was for the most part trial and error...basically i wanted the lights that were laid out like a circuit diagram to light up as the user turned the "doorknob," and at the same time for the message displayed on hotpants to change as the user pressed the buttons. check out the nylon code.

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