the big sign outside:

there's two parts to this: Hotpants and the thing i made to look like a circuit diagram.

the "doorknob":

this is a disguised potentiometer. turning this is supposed to make different lights on the circuit diagram light up.

the little sign on the house:

originally i wanted to make this more interactive, but eventually i just connected the main lights to the input buttons, so if you press them in order, you'll see M, A, S, and 110. the lights surrounding the letters also light up when the potentiometer is in certain positions.

the random rock outside:

i had four input buttons and i needed somewhere to put them...i thought of doorbells, but four doorbells seemed a little excessive. instead i hid them in this thing that's supposed to be a rock, an idea i got from a Chinese feng shui tradition, in which rock statues are placed outside houses for peacekeeping.

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