the original theme of this problem set for me was to take 2 photos and play with the notion of unnatural/ natural. original i played with the horizon line/ reflection theme so strongly that that became everything, so in this version i wanted to create a stronger algorithm for the water cycling that would run in real time. so here it is...

i'm still working on this. the image on the right provides motion information for the image on the left. magnitude of motion comes from the pixels along the red line. i plan to finish this up by allowing for some kind of manipulation of the image on the right, and the ability to see that manipulation last in time. given that it is very cinimatic now, i will likely allow many images to be placed in temporal order on the right side. i will probably alse reintroduce the horizon/reflection aspect from the original version, but only if i can put in a few simply ways to make that richer too. moving the mouse into the right side image pauses the "play". click and draging moves the cue.

original - disturbed