The (Un)Natural

Part I:

    I took some pictures. Instead of two sets of pictures I thought I could accomplish the goal within one, whan I make an unnatural occurence by feeding it through a "natural filter".  I actually took more pictures than is shown in the link above.

Part II:

    The concept that I would like to try pursuing is expressing unnatural person-made object through a natural motion. And vice versa. I already tried to "naturalize" the objects while taking the pictures, now I want to try to make them unnatural again through forced motion. I will also try to go the other way with a still image by forcing it into a smooth and flowing motion.

Part III:

    Again, there are three parts to the solution. The first one is the pictures from part I. The second part is those pictures made unnatural again through a forced regular motion. The third part is a still image which is "naturalized" by putting it into a flowing motion.