General The Textscape is a space where you can create places and objects limited only by your imagination. That is one aim of this project. The Textscape is also a space where you can interact with these same rooms and objects, as well as any other user.  As time goes on, interaction with other users in the space will be possible.  The main goal of all this is to allow people to create a story in this never ending space.  Within the rooms and objects created and how one interacts with those objects, any person can create a mini story in the space.  A story can be deep with profound meaning, or witty, or just plain fun. Again, by the end of this project, you will only be limited by your imagination.  
Current Here is a list of current features.  Updates will be posted here as well:
* Create / Edit rooms
* Create / Edit objects
* Move within the space and visit different rooms
* Take, drop, and throw objects
* Put / throw objects in, on, or at other objects
* Look in or at objects or look to see what is in the room
Future Here is a list of possible future features. Updates will be posted here as well:
* Autonomous agents (characters)
* Real time triggered objects
* Verb library expansion
* Ability to create images for your created objects, rooms, and characters
* Ability to interact in real time with other users in the same room as you are
* Ability to create your own verbs and the actions that come as a result
Rules Visit this link to see the current rules of the space where your imagination takes control:
r U L e S