General The rules are pretty simple... CREATE!  Yes, let your imagination run wild and start creating rooms and objects.  However, I do require they be clean.  Now, on to some specifics:
1. When creating a ROOM, spaces may be used in the room's primary name.
2. When creating an OBJECT, spaces may NOT be used in the object's name.
3. Try to type in all lowercase letters.  In some instances case does not matter but for simplicity's sake (and during this development time), use lowercase letters
Verbs When interacting within the world, all you really need to know is natural language.  At the command, simply type as if you were speaking.  For example, if you wish to take a ball, say something like, "take the ball."  If the ball was on or in something (like a table), simply say, "take the ball off the table."  Here is the current list of available verbs:
>  go
>  look
>  take
>  drop
>  throw
>  put
Directions There are currently eight directions possible in the system.  Those directions are the same ones you will find on a compass: north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, and northwest.  They can be used with the verb "go" or stand alone.  Any other use, at this point in time, will not yield anything interesting... maybe...