!hello my name is  megan e:megan(at)media.mit.edu
mas863 fall 2001
p: neil gershenfeld
ta: yael maguire

  i don't know what the assignment is exactly. something about making a buckle
  without glue only using screws. it should be on the laser cutter, water cutter, or both.


1. listening to john
2. hey fun, let's make something!
3. watching the cubes cut..
4. success! cleaning off the acryclic dust
5. fancy!
6. the next day, going over things with nik

7. cutting on my own
8. in the other shop.. uh oh! john catches us without safety goggles on! shit.
9. tapping the holes for screws

1& 2

3 & 4

5 & 6

7 & 8